Monday, February 6, 2012

Join me at DDR for the February 2012 color challenge,

Love can be for our spouse, parent, child, friend or animal! 
This month we have Valentines Day which is to acknowledge our lovers.

I have chosen colors of love, what a surprise! 
I'm going to let you in on a secret. Shhhhh (It is my birthday too!)
I detested Valentines day growing up. I had to share my special day with everyone, most people forgot because it was all about Valentines Day. The years passed on & on...
Then the summer between high school and college, I met my friend Laurel, a friend to this day. We celebrated Valentines day together because it is also her birthday! Then she moved to the west coast, I was still on the east coast. So we only phoned each other. Then her hubby was transferred back to Boston, we spent our "day" together once again for many years.
During the interim my husband came into the picture, it all changed! Every year it was my choice to pick which "weekend" not day, we were to celebrate my birthday and the following or previous weekend to be for Valentine's day. He truly made me feel special and very loved.
Sadly he passed in 2006, so my friend Laurel & I try to visit one or the other. Now I'm on the West coast & she is in Michigan. No matter the miles our friendship withstands everything, when we see each other, it is as if it were yesterday. Love for my friend is as important as for my spouse. I celebrated both on Valentines Day!

So this month I give you the colors of love/amour to scrap about! Show me what you can do!

I have attached the image with the colors I chose. I hope you all like them and participate in this months challenge. Click the image to be swept to the challenge. Join some or all the other challenges too for some awesome freebies just for joining in!

Colors are RGB

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