Saturday, March 3, 2012

Designer Call


If you are an enthusiastic designer, taking this business serious - please feel free to apply!
  • You need provide high quality designs
  • Contribute to our monthly collaboration kit
  • Willing to participate in store sales, etc.
  • You can also choose to be a passive designer and don't do anything except adding kits to your store!
Applications are just taken in consideration if they are provided as mentioned:
  • send an email to, add "Designer Call" - Your Designer Name into the subject heading
  • attach 2 papers and 3 unique, self-extracted (or created) elements, not just purchased and recolored CU (please attach, do not provide a zip file)
  • attach 3 of your previews
  • tell us a bit about yourself
  • we look for exclusive designers as well (not just but also)
  • you need to understand English
  • you should be willing to work long-term with Digidesignresort
We look forward to your applications. Anyone will get an answer but please do NOT send several emails, I will come back to you after the Designer Call, means you will get an email from me around the 21st March.

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